iPod Shuffle

March 25th, 2014

All India Radio – The Bomb
King Porter Stomp – Gil Evans & His Orchestra
Do The Strand – Roxy Music
Higher And Higher – Moody Blues
Open The Gate – The Focus Group
Green Manalishi – Fleetwood Mac
Your Bats – Flaming Lips
Esperanza Spalding – Cinnamon Tree
From The Ages – Earthless
Fly Away – Space Opera

iPod Shuffle #87

March 24th, 2014

Take Me With You – Morphine
Unified Field – The Church
Cream Puff War – Grateful Dead
Entertaining Of A Shy Girl – Donovan
Mushroom – Can
Private Plane – Husker Du
Club Foot (live) – Kasabian
Dancin’ Fool – Frank Zappa
Boss Hoss – The Sonics
Try Rock and Roll – Chris Robinson Brotherhood

Is this thing on???

March 14th, 2014

We are back.

Check out the latest Free Press Radio show with Bryan Hanks and myself. Reggie Bullock and Doc Rivers of the L.A. Clippers are our guests:


15 songs no waiting

April 10th, 2013

iPod Shuffle:

Thought Ballune – Unknown Mortal Orchestra
I’ll Admit – Flaming Lips
When You Come Back – Drivn’ N’ Cryin’
Already Dead – Beck
Send Me No Wine – Moody Blues
Run To The Top – Love
Young Man Blues (Hull) – The Who
Ghost – King Crimson
Sadie Hawkins Atom Bomb – Man or Astroman?
This World – Zero 7
Doctor, Doctor – The Who
Casanova – Roxy Music
Three Blocks of Light – Exploding Star Orchestra
Badsang – Dungen
Love You – Syd Barrett

iPod Shuffle time

March 28th, 2013

Parakeet – R.E.M.
I Had My Chance – Morphine
Advert – Bass Communion
Medac- The Who
I’m Gonna Unmask The Batman – Lacy Gibson
I’m Going To Memphis – Sonny Boy Williamson
Rosalee – Chris Robinson Brotherhood
Colours Turn Gray – Lost Patrol
It Must Be A Camel – Frank Zappa
The Fool and Me – Robin Trower
Unconsciously Screamim’ – Flaming Lips
Hidden Fear – Richard Wright
Starmask – Moonwagon
Johnny Blade – Black Sabbath
The Game’s Up – Broadcast

Randy Rhodes – Quiet Riot Years

March 6th, 2013

I received an interesting promo of the new ‘Randy Rhodes – Quiet Riot Years’ book/DVD a few weeks back.

The book is of the coffee table variety, with large previously unpublished photos and stories of Rhodes early years with Quiet Riot. The 90-minute DVD documentary is a straight down the middle documentary, featuring live footage of Rhodes and interviews with his band mates, friends and admirers.

Bottom line: For the Randy Rhodes fan, this is a great package. For those who are unfamiliar with Rhodes pre-Ozzy activities, this book/DVD package fills in the gaps quite nicely.

Tame Impala

March 5th, 2013


February 1st, 2013

Great new band:

iPod shuffle:

Cold Smoke - Tangerine Dream
ReWired - Kasabian
Justine - Lost Patrol
Drug Party - Broadcast and The Focus Group
Rael 1 - The Who
Honey White - Morphine
Echoes - Pink Floyd
Mean Greens - Billy Martin & Wil Blades
Sector Patrol - Projekct Two
Strengthening The Volatile - Subsonic Experience
Shadow Of The Season - Screaming Trees
Move - Miles Davis
Harmony - Clinic
Long Distance Call - Muddy Waters

So long 30 Rock

January 31st, 2013

One of only two shows I watch religiously – ’30 Rock’ – is calling it a day after seven seasons. Here are some highlights:

iPod Shuffle #7:

Tell Me When Did Things Go So Wrong - The Smithereens
Boris The Spider - John Entwistle Band
Charmed - Los Lobos
Electric - Luscious Jackson
Strangers Are Strange - Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Broken Spoke Shuffle - CCR
E2-E4 - Manuel Gottsching
Harmony - Clinic
Eminence Front - The Who
Genesis - Tangerine Dream
The Perfect Man - Sun Ra
Oceans Away - Moonwagon
One Million Years Ago - Broadcast And The Focus Group
I'm Wild About You - Lightnin' Hoplins