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A solution to the radio/TV time delay

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A gift from God

A gift from God

The only way I can enjoy a UNC basketball game is by listening to Jones Angell and Eric Montross on the radio. I don’t have cable, so most of the time this means there is no visual.

On the off chance that the game is being carried on rabbit-ear TV – the way God probably intented – I turn the TV sound down and listen to the radio feed.

Once upon a time the feeds were only a second off, now they’re way off. Usually the radio feed is 5-10 seconds ahead of the TV feed, but again I can’t enjoy the game without Jones and Eric.

Thankfully, somebody has created a product that solves the problem.

I found out about it via the Running Tar Heel Blog (
You’ve got to click on the link to see it, but it’s so beautiful: A radio with adjustable delay that will allow you to sink the radio and TV feeds.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be looking around the office for things to pawn so as to acquire one of these genius creations. God Bless America.

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